Monday, 29 June 2020

Sun & Moon

 Summer Solstice 2020

Funny how artworks stay with you or linger in the back of your mind and resurface from time to time. An Art teacher showed me a print of this painting on my A-level and I still think about it from time to time. Having just done an excursion to see the dawn of this years summer solstice, it seems odd to be drawn back to the moon. Definitely into heavenly orbs, though I cant see any just now through the grey and the rain!

The painting is interesting to me because of the moon, because it would not always be there. To me It seems to present the gate post, somewhere between a sculpture and a piece of set design.

Pillar & Moon

We are having a crazy mixed up summer and today is not an allotment day so I am going over previous works and ideas and these sketches are an interesting process of drawing 'in the negative'. 

These sketched were done from photos taken at Kew Gardens on an open evening to see Henry Moore sculptures flood light at night. It was a really fabulous evening and I recommend visiting museums galleries and the like for these type of out of hours events as you see the locations and the collections in a whole new light, no pun intended! I know not many places are visitable right now but make a wish list of local attractions which you can visit when the restrictions relax.

I worked from photos and used masking fluid to draw in the darkest areas of the sketches. I then went over the whole page with a roller and vivid coloured acrylic paint. The making fluid peels off revealing the black paper underneath.

If you don't have artist masking fluid, other ideas for resist drawing could be with masking tape, wax, thread, anything that will mask the paper from the layer of colour you put over the top. You could work on scrap paper like envelopes or other packaging. Talcum powder or flour could be sprinkled over paper to mask the surface, do be aware it could get messy!

The idea is to experiment and inspire new ways of drawing.

Drawing with masking fluid on black sugar paper

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