Monday, 15 June 2020

More paper making

Like many material processes paper-making takes time, once I had started with my last post there were still possibilities to explore with the enormous batch of paper pulp I had created. So with more sunshine I had another paper making session.


Paper making is a good thing to do from my shed, I am so lucky to have this outdoor space!

Testing if I could get water to fragment the surface, these holes actually closed as the sheet dried.



Experiments in introducing dandelion seeds. These do embed well into the paper.

Radish seeds need to be embedded in several layers, these ones will fall off with out much provocation!

Some of the sheets after drying

Good surfaces and textures, sheet uniformity not particularly consistent!

The surface is pretty rough for drawing, but I will have a go. Once I am in my studio more they will be fine for screen printing and for now I am experimenting with collage and stitch. Some of the sheets will get channelled into those pieces, and the other end use would be hand made books, another post for the future.



Matt Gonzalez

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