Monday, 22 June 2020

Book Binding

Having made lots of paper I thought it would be good to make some up into a book. I do this technique with students from time to time and its a great way of gathering lots of loose leaves of paper into a collection. 

This is an introduction to Japanese Stab binding. The stitching structure can be much more ornate and the technique is covered in many books and online. I have provided my own instructions as well as my favourite online resource for book binding.

I have started by making a hard back cover, this needs a kind of hinge, if you just use a sheet of card as per the online instructions the hinge is unnecessary.

You will lose some margin of the sheets of paper to this form of spine as the stitches take up about 1 cm.

I have used some book cloth left over from another project, but you could use some wrapping paper, just be careful with the glue as paper will tear very easily when wet.

The hard backs are made from grey board, this is available from specialist suppliers but you can start using any kind of card while you get started.

This stitch structure needs four holes equally spaced, about 1 cm in from the edge of the spine.

I put holes in the cover and then the pages in a stack, if you used a thiner card you could do all the holes at the same time and then you don't need to worry about lining them up which can be fiddly, I used 4 pins to hold the covers in place while I stacked them between the covers.

All done!

My Japanese binding instructions...

My go to online resource for bookbinding.

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