Saturday, 15 February 2014

20:20 2013

This Years 20:20 Print Exchange organised by HBP was bigger & better than ever. Below is my submission. Click on the link to the flicker site & browse through the other 580 prints!

This years print is developed from the same collection of drawings as last years, an evening spent on a hillside above the village of Hayfield in the Peak District. I did much more mark making inspired by those original drawings and did further experiments in producing an edition, which as a textile;e artist is still an unfamiliar concept. The method this year was developed from the process I use to print a repeating pattern, see the photos below. There are two layers to create depth & they are hemmed together top & bottom. This edition has inspired a pair of larger landscapes and a series of modified 20:20 prints which will be catalogued here.

In preparation for this I spent a day doing some screen print sketches some of which are below.

Repeat Pattern Workshop at Hot Bed Press

Back in November I did a workshop At HBP with fellow tutor Mandy Tolley. Everyone created a repeat pattern, put images on screen and printed from these onto cloth. During the workshop we assisted in transforming the printed fabric into beautiful vintage inspired tote bags and luxurious cushions to take home.