Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Tuesday Radish, Rosemary and Collections

When you grow stuff you get to harvest it from time to time, Tuesday was a harvest day, collecting some rosemary, and next to that in my flower bed is the remnants of last year radish crop. The seed heads are quite sculptural and they give me a few ideas.

I'll take my crop home to inspire the next instalment, just to add a link to some lovely ceramic work I saw a few years ago at Ruthin Craft Centre which is a great Gallery if you have never been!

If you don't have time to draw you can always take a photograph to capture the idea! them up, collect!

Monday is a Mint day

I feel so funny to post stuff like this here but, got to start somewhere, lots of the creatives I follow online post video content so this is just me trying the idea out!

So my allotment...

This top bed is going to be flowers and herbs, I hope to start some herb cuttings to transport over to college when we all start back to start a college herb garden. A recent college trip to Barcelona included a visit to independent art school Metafora...

Most of us were struck by the use of outdoor spaces and the communal feel of the would be nice to try and capture a small essence of this back at our college campus...lets see!

So... mint... gardening is supposed to be good to give you a sense of perspective - some things work out some don't, there are so many variables such as weather, pests and bugs etc. Last year one mint plant got infected with rust mould, but my pepper mint plant was great...will try and get cuttings of both started.

My other favourite herb at the moment is lemon balm, its great as a kind of tea substitute (- a tisane apparently!)

...onto activity of the day, I have a thing for circles at the moment so sat in the sun and made a variation on a daisy chain...I did some drawing from this and took some photographs.

Drawing inspired by Graham Southerland, an artist working around 1940's - 1960s (who's career was much longer but that is when my examples are from)...more on him later.

So this drawing is on some newspaper I brought back from Barcelona, the text broken up with some masking tape. It can be interesting working with found materials and making do with what you have, it can make you be inventive.

Keep making!

Print Room Take over of Blog... PLOT 4 PRINT

Swapping this...

For this (and a blog)

So the college I work in is closed due to the corona virus.
Everyone is working at home.
I don't really know what that looks like for an Art this is my contribution, a thought for the day, somewhere to put ideas, work in progress and links to great stuff I find online.

This online space will now be substituted for the print room resource at college.

Much of the content will be inspired by my allotment as I resort to making use of the resources at my disposal and I am a great believer in stepping away form the computer.

Here goes Plot 4 Print!