Friday, 10 February 2012

Devore Print Workshop

I am running a Devore print workshop at Hot Bed Press in Salford.

Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th March.

Devore is the process of applying a print paste which devours certain fibres, it is used to create textured velvet scarves amongst other applications. Come along and discover some of the secrets of textile surface texture.

The workshop will explore different techniques of applying devore paste to a variety of fabrics including block printing, hand painting and using pre-prepared screens and paper stencils.
Saturday will be a day of exploring fabrics and techniques and on Sunday ideas can be resolved to produce an artisan silk or velvet scarf.
The essence of the workshop will be experimenting with the techniques along with an introduction to dyeing fabric to compliment the devore print. These processes can be pursued by individuals with some basic equipment and ingredients.
Participants will take home a finished scarf and may also want to bring along some old jeans to explore applying 'that distressed look'.

For more information follow the link below

Two examples of devore print. The top fabric is polyester viscose mix, the devore paste burns out the viscose leaving a thin layer of polyester warp and weft. The bottom sample is a silk viscose velvet, here the paste burns away the viscose velvet pile leaving the silk backing.

Waterside Open

I am pleased to announce I have had a piece of work selected for the Waterside Open Exhibition, held at the Waterside Gallery, Sale. The work selected is a new piece from the Sail Collection.

The exhibtioin is free and open to the public 11th Feb - 21st April 2012.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Interiors UK

I was invited to go to The Interiors UK show at the NEC in Birmingham with students from Stockport College. Always good to see what is happening in the larger textilee world! The most interesting corner was the area curated by Designer's Block, they have an interesting blog too...follow the link below...

They had adapted a corner of the trade show to feel like a creative village, with a 'pub', seating areas and interior products with a luxurious hand crafted touch. A great launch pad!