Monday, 1 June 2020

Some Velvet Morning

Mown grass...smells of summer, dreamy songs on the radio. Don't know when I'll get to see the sea!

Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinartra

Some phrases just stick with me and I love an obscure mysterious mention of anything 'textilee'. I use 'velvet' in some of my work titles, so this song caught at my attention, when I heard it on the radio this morning.

I have been through my archives, looking for drawing ideas, the sun is shining, nice to be out drawing at the allotment. For inspiration, a copy I had made years ago of a Rockwell Kent drawing discovering simultaneously the joy of drawing with inks as apposed to paint.

Rockwell Kent

The Tree 1928 Lithograph RK

These are some of my own studies of light and shade, attempting to draw only the darkness.

Lastly a link to an article on flow state, something I can sometimes enjoy drawing or printing.

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